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Office Support

• Monthly checks on Windows computers including cleanup and updates. You will get an email invitation every month to visit us on chat and you can get your computer cleanup regularly without missing. This is just like a maintenance.

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Win Chat Support

• Any application installation level troubleshooting related assistance. In case, if you have any software application stuck on your computer and you want to fix it immediately, you can choose single incident plan.

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Windows Tools Support

• Optimizing slow computers to increase performance. Having an old computer is really like a hectic thing and so, we have to clear the junk out of it and make sure to clean it and also use defragment and other tools to maintain the performance.

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Assured Assist solutions provides you the technical support for office and windows products. Office live support includes product purchase,installation,activation, repair, uninstall, update and upgrade services.

Windows support program includes windows updates and upgrade and any error code solutions that comes on windows operating systems.

Assured Assist plans are mentioned below

Assured Plan for one year

Assured plan for single incident

We provide quality support and services to the users by helping the users to save their money to invest on the support programs.

Assured Single Incident plan provides you one time fix for the reported issue and then the free assistance for 30 days after fixing the issue on the computer.

Assured plan for one year gives you unlimited incidents and direct access to our chat support.

Multi-device subscriptions are also available which is cost savings plan for running home plans.

Email us  support@domain.com

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